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Notepad++ - free source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages

Published by Bastian Eicher


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Full name


Notepad++ is a free source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages. Based on the powerful editing component Scintilla, Notepad++ is written in C++ and uses pure Win32 API and STL which ensures a higher execution speed and smaller program size. By optimizing as many routines as possible without losing user friendliness, Notepad++ is trying to reduce the world carbon dioxide emissions.


Notepad++ ist ein freier Quellcode-Editor und Notepad-Ersatz mit Unterstützung für mehrere Sprachen. Auf der mächtigen Editor-Komponente Scintilla aufbauen ist Notepad++ C++ geschrieben und verwendet die reine Win32 API und STL was zu einer höheren Ausführungsgeschwindigkeit und einer kleineren Programmgröße führt. Durch die Optimierung so vieler Routinen wie möglich ohne Benutzerfreundlichkeit zu verlieren, versucht Notepad++ die weltweiten CO2 Emissionen zu senken.




Available versions

The list below is just for information; Zero Install will automatically select one of these versions for you.

5.9.82012-01-05stableWindows-*Download (8110919 bytes)
6.02012-03-26stableWindows-*Download (8148111 bytes)
6.12012-04-10stableWindows-*Download (4618369 bytes)
6.1.12012-04-18stableWindows-*Download (4617718 bytes)
6.1.22012-04-26stableWindows-*Download (4629995 bytes)
6.1.32012-05-28stableWindows-*Download (4642556 bytes)
6.1.42012-06-25stableWindows-*Download (4672263 bytes)
6.1.52012-07-07stableWindows-*Download (4674363 bytes)
6.1.62012-08-16stableWindows-*Download (4680364 bytes)
6.1.72012-09-11stableWindows-*Download (4695914 bytes)
6.1.82012-09-17stableWindows-*Download (4698070 bytes)
6.22012-10-10stableWindows-*Download (4721891 bytes)
6.2.12012-11-11stableWindows-*Download (4752974 bytes)
6.2.32012-12-16stableWindows-*Download (4763794 bytes)
6.3.32013-05-06stableWindows-*Download (5857021 bytes)
6.4.52013-08-09stableWindows-*Download (6201698 bytes)
6.5.52014-03-07stableWindows-*Download (6409886 bytes)
6.6.62014-06-13stableWindows-*Download (6448215 bytes)
6.6.72014-06-24stableWindows-*Download (6446020 bytes)
6.6.82014-07-27stableWindows-*Download (6698604 bytes)
6.6.92014-09-07stableWindows-*Download (6723151 bytes)
6.72014-12-14stableWindows-*Download (6722373 bytes)
6.7.12014-12-21stableWindows-*Download (6733148 bytes)
6.7.22014-12-27stableWindows-*Download (6732599 bytes)
6.7.32015-01-01stableWindows-*Download (6739222 bytes)
6.7.42015-01-10stableWindows-*Download (6741886 bytes)
6.7.52015-03-10stableWindows-*Download (7016876 bytes)
6.7.62015-04-15stableWindows-*Download (7020446 bytes)
6.7.72015-04-16stableWindows-*Download (7020530 bytes)*Download (5588840 bytes)
6.82015-07-21stableWindows-*Download (4073715 bytes)
6.8.12015-08-04stableWindows-*Download (4326875 bytes)
6.8.32015-09-04stableWindows-*Download (4027251 bytes)
6.8.52015-10-19stableWindows-*Download (2860087 bytes)
6.8.62015-10-29stableWindows-*Download (2861171 bytes)
6.8.72015-11-27stableWindows-*Download (2876756 bytes)
6.8.82015-12-10stableWindows-*Download (2878819 bytes)
6.92016-02-22stableWindows-*Download (2935235 bytes)
6.9.12016-03-28stableWindows-*Download (2934897 bytes)
6.9.22016-05-18stableWindows-*Download (2941273 bytes)
7.12016-10-16stableWindows-x86_64Download (2999021 bytes)
7.12016-10-16stableWindows-i486Download (3060306 bytes)
7.22016-11-02stableWindows-x86_64Download (2999155 bytes)
7.22016-11-02stableWindows-i486Download (3062550 bytes)
7.2.12016-11-20stableWindows-x86_64Download (3000015 bytes)
7.2.12016-11-20stableWindows-i486Download (3068126 bytes)
7.2.22016-11-27stableWindows-x86_64Download (3000937 bytes)
7.2.22016-11-27stableWindows-i486Download (3063299 bytes)
7.32017-01-01stableWindows-x86_64Download (3011938 bytes)
7.32017-01-01stableWindows-i486Download (3072888 bytes)
7.3.12017-01-17stableWindows-x86_64Download (3026784 bytes)
7.3.12017-01-17stableWindows-i486Download (3086736 bytes)
7.3.22017-02-13stableWindows-x86_64Download (3058597 bytes)
7.3.22017-02-13stableWindows-i486Download (3115643 bytes)
7.3.32017-03-08stableWindows-x86_64Download (3073434 bytes)
7.3.32017-03-08stableWindows-i486Download (3129830 bytes)
Required libraries

This feed does not list any additional requirements.