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0compile - create a binary release from source code

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This is a Zero Install feed. To add this program to your Applications menu, choose Zero Install -> Add New Program from the Applications menu. e.g. on Ubuntu:

Adding with GNOME

If you don't see this menu item, install the zeroinstall-injector package from your distribution's repository, or from

Drag the feed's URL to the dialog box that appears. Other environments may use other systems. For example, if you are a ROX desktop user, drag the link to AddApp instead.

Alternatively, to run it from the command-line:

$ 0launch

The 0alias command can be used to create a short-cut to run it again later.

If you don't have the 0launch command, download it from the web-site, which also contains documentation about how the Zero Install system works.

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0compile creates a binary from source code, either for your own use or ready for publishing on the web through Zero Install. It can use Zero Install to download any build dependencies (compilers, header files, build tools, etc). This is useful if there is no binary for your platform, or if you wish to modify the program in some way. If plash is installed, it is used to sandbox the build so that it can't accidentally modifiy any files outside of the build directory. For a full tutorial, see 0compile's homepage.


Available versions

The list below is just for information; Zero Install will automatically select one of these versions for you.

0.12006-09-27stableAnyDownload (15393 bytes)
0.22006-10-08stableAnyDownload (15432 bytes)
0.32006-10-25stableAnyDownload (15913 bytes)
0.42006-10-26stableAnyDownload (17180 bytes)
0.52006-10-28stableAnyDownload (17751 bytes)
0.62006-11-12stableAnyDownload (17472 bytes)
0.72006-11-21stableAnyDownload (19966 bytes)
0.82006-11-25stableAnyDownload (21042 bytes)
0.92007-06-10stableAnyDownload (21231 bytes)
0.102007-12-24stableAnyDownload (22979 bytes)
0.112008-02-16AnyDownload (23132 bytes)
0.122008-02-23stableAnyDownload (23741 bytes)
0.132008-12-06stableAnyDownload (24283 bytes)
0.142009-01-01stableAnyDownload (25548 bytes)
0.152009-04-20stableAnyDownload (28071 bytes)
0.162009-05-05stableAnyDownload (28100 bytes)
0.172009-06-16stableAnyDownload (29159 bytes)
0.182009-06-27stableAnyDownload (32053 bytes)
0.192010-01-31stableAnyDownload (32106 bytes)
0.19.12010-05-01stableAnyDownload (32138 bytes)
0.202010-05-29stableAnyDownload (32211 bytes)
0.212010-06-24stableAnyDownload (32249 bytes)
0.222011-02-02stableAnyDownload (32882 bytes)
0.232011-03-26stableAnyDownload (33361 bytes)
0.242011-04-29AnyDownload (33488 bytes)
0.24.12011-04-29stableAnyDownload (33774 bytes)
0.24.22011-05-11stableAnyDownload (33894 bytes)
0.252011-08-19stableAnyDownload (33985 bytes)
0.262011-11-26stableAnyDownload (34085 bytes)
0.272012-03-18stableAnyDownload (34647 bytes)
0.282012-05-02stableAnyDownload (34643 bytes)
0.292012-05-12stableAnyDownload (34717 bytes)
0.302012-06-29stableAnyDownload (35447 bytes)
0.312012-08-04stableAnyDownload (35481 bytes)
0.322012-11-10AnyDownload (35908 bytes)
0.32.12012-12-21stableAnyDownload (36070 bytes)
1.02013-02-26stableAnyDownload (36120 bytes)
1.12013-04-03stableAnyDownload (36103 bytes)
1.22013-07-19stableAnyDownload (36101 bytes)
1.32013-10-15stableAnyDownload (36280 bytes)
1.42014-11-03stableAnyDownload (37139 bytes)
1.52019-04-13stableAnyDownload (37908 bytes)
1.62019-09-11stableAnyDownload (38000 bytes)
1.72020-01-17stableAnyDownload (38261 bytes)
Required libraries

The list below is just for information; Zero Install will automatically download any required libraries for you.