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Zero Install - Python version - Python version of 0install, the decentralized installation system

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This is a Zero Install feed. To add this program to your Applications menu, choose Zero Install -> Add New Program from the Applications menu. e.g. on Ubuntu:

Adding with GNOME

If you don't see this menu item, install the zeroinstall-injector package from your distribution's repository, or from

Drag the feed's URL to the dialog box that appears. Other environments may use other systems. For example, if you are a ROX desktop user, drag the link to AddApp instead.

Alternatively, to run it from the command-line:

$ 0launch

The 0alias command can be used to create a short-cut to run it again later.

If you don't have the 0launch command, download it from the web-site, which also contains documentation about how the Zero Install system works.

Full name


This is the Python version of Zero Install. Zero Install is a cross-platform, decentralized installation system. Instead of having a central repository in which all software is placed under a naming scheme managed by some central authority, programs and libraries in Zero Install are identified by URIs. Anyone who can create a web-page can publish software. Anyone can install software (not just administrators).



Available versions

The list below is just for information; Zero Install will automatically select one of these versions for you.

0.312007-11-18stableAnyDownload (121422 bytes)
0.322008-02-23AnyDownload (126877 bytes)
0.332008-05-04stableAnyDownload (130726 bytes)
0.342008-06-18stableAnyDownload (137919 bytes)
0.352008-08-16stableAnyDownload (139939 bytes)
0.362008-09-06stableAnyDownload (140345 bytes)
0.372008-11-30stableAnyDownload (140574 bytes)
0.382009-01-18stableAnyDownload (142177 bytes)
0.392009-03-08stableAnyDownload (149493 bytes)
0.402009-04-19stableAnyDownload (150082 bytes)
0.412009-06-27AnyDownload (150613 bytes)
0.41.12009-06-28AnyDownload (150775 bytes)
0.422009-09-06AnyDownload (152576 bytes)
0.42.12009-09-11stableAnyDownload (152639 bytes)
0.432009-11-22AnyDownload (187129 bytes)
0.442010-01-22stableAnyDownload (188363 bytes)
0.452010-03-09stableAnyDownload (192197 bytes)
0.462010-04-02stableAnyDownload (207217 bytes)
0.472010-05-01stableAnyDownload (217690 bytes)
0.482010-05-30stableAnyDownload (224325 bytes)
0.492010-07-03stableAnyDownload (263690 bytes)
0.502010-08-21stableAnyDownload (270152 bytes)
0.512010-12-05AnyDownload (273513 bytes)
0.51.12010-12-05stableAnyDownload (273632 bytes)
0.522011-01-19stableAnyDownload (281406 bytes)
0.532011-03-13stableAnyDownload (281595 bytes)
0.542011-04-09stableAnyDownload (323661 bytes)
1.0-rc12011-04-29stableAnyDownload (324263 bytes)
1.02011-05-23stableAnyDownload (324040 bytes)
1.12011-06-25stableAnyDownload (325809 bytes)
1.22011-07-23stableAnyDownload (328458 bytes)
1.32011-09-18stableAnyDownload (369966 bytes)
1.42011-10-16AnyDownload (370786 bytes)
1.4.12011-10-16stableAnyDownload (371079 bytes)
1.52011-12-29stableAnyDownload (372202 bytes)
1.62012-02-12stableAnyDownload (374950 bytes)
1.72012-04-06stableAnyDownload (375817 bytes)
1.82012-05-19stableAnyDownload (377536 bytes)
2.3.72020-01-13AnyDownload (454370 bytes)
1.92012-06-27stableAnyDownload (381721 bytes)
1.102012-07-26stableAnyDownload (385755 bytes)
1.112012-08-27stableAnyDownload (391601 bytes)
1.122012-09-24stableAnyDownload (389779 bytes)
1.132012-11-10stableAnyDownload (399197 bytes)
1.142013-01-14stableAnyDownload (412052 bytes)
1.152013-02-12stableAnyDownload (413822 bytes)
1.162013-02-24stableAnyDownload (414434 bytes)
2.02013-03-05stableAnyDownload (414021 bytes)
2.12013-04-03stableAnyDownload (419419 bytes)
2.22013-05-02stableAnyDownload (419579 bytes)
2.32013-07-04AnyDownload (446563 bytes)
2.3.12013-07-10AnyDownload (447295 bytes)
2.3.22013-07-19stableAnyDownload (447193 bytes)
2.3.32013-08-12stableAnyDownload (446962 bytes)
2.3.42014-11-16stableAnyDownload (466018 bytes)
2.3.52015-03-21stableAnyDownload (466037 bytes)
2.3.62019-09-11stableAnyDownload (453912 bytes)
2.3.82020-01-14AnyDownload (454069 bytes)
2.3.92020-01-14AnyDownload (453933 bytes)
2.3.102020-01-15stableAnyDownload (454157 bytes)
2.3.112020-02-23stableAnyDownload (454146 bytes)
2.3.122020-04-17stableAnyDownload (454707 bytes)
2.3.132021-01-28stableAnyDownload (468847 bytes)
2.3.142021-02-17stableAnyDownload (468865 bytes)
2.3.152022-06-13stableAnyDownload (467601 bytes)
2.3.162023-01-30stableAnyDownload (407884 bytes)
Required libraries

The list below is just for information; Zero Install will automatically download any required libraries for you.