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Zero Install Publishing Tools - helps you create and update Zero Install feeds

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This is a Zero Install feed. This software cannot be run as an application directly. It is a library for other programs to use.

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Zero Install uses feeds, XML files on the internet, to describe applications and how to download them. The Zero Install Publishing Tools allow you to create your own feeds. It consists of two main components: the Feed Editor (split with screen graphical and XML view) and the New Feed Wizard (walks you through the entire feed creation process, automatically extracts metadata when possible)


Zero Install verwendet Feeds, XML Dateien im Internet, um Anwendungen sowie deren Download zu beschreiben. Die Zero Install Publishing Tools ermöglichen es Ihnen, Ihre eigenen Feeds zu erstellen. Sie bestehen aus zwei Hauptkomponenten: Der Feed Editor (Split Screen mit grafischer und XML Ansicht) und der New Feed Wizard (leitet Sie durch den kompletten Feed-Erstellungsprozess, extrahiert automatisch Metadaten wenn möglich)




Available versions

The list below is just for information; Zero Install will automatically select one of these versions for you.

2.14.02017-11-13stableAnyDownload (2429286 bytes)
2.14.22017-11-24stableAnyDownload (2432150 bytes)
2.14.32017-12-04stableAnyDownload (2435119 bytes)
2.14.52018-01-07stableAnyDownload (2435686 bytes)
2.15.12018-07-09stableAnyDownload (2373166 bytes)
2.16.22019-02-04stableAnyDownload (2228658 bytes)
2.16.32019-02-11stableAnyDownload (2653221 bytes)
2.16.42019-04-04stableAnyDownload (2653155 bytes)
2.16.52019-05-24stableAnyDownload (2652601 bytes)
2.16.72019-07-25stableAnyDownload (2653592 bytes)
2.16.82019-10-15buggyAnyDownload (2652723 bytes)
2.17.02020-01-30buggyAnyDownload (2654648 bytes)
2.17.22020-02-15stableAnyDownload (2656259 bytes)
2.18.02020-07-22stableAnyDownload (3143185 bytes)
2.18.12020-08-15stableAnyDownload (3143743 bytes)
2.18.22020-10-01stableAnyDownload (3145298 bytes)
2.18.32020-12-28stableAnyDownload (3198399 bytes)
2.18.72021-02-07stableAnyDownload (3199113 bytes)
2.17.32020-05-24stableAnyDownload (3340582 bytes)
2.19.02021-03-27stableAnyDownload (4095069 bytes)
2.19.12021-03-27stableAnyDownload (4095134 bytes)
2.19.22021-05-07stableAnyDownload (4097938 bytes)
2.20.02021-09-29stableAnyDownload (4111601 bytes)
2.21.02021-11-17stableAnyDownload (4137881 bytes)
2.22.02022-01-24stableAnyDownload (4155450 bytes)
2.23.02022-03-07stableAnyDownload (4305691 bytes)
2.23.32022-05-18stableAnyDownload (4349121 bytes)
2.23.42022-06-12stableAnyDownload (4353359 bytes)
2.23.92022-07-21stableAnyDownload (10281305 bytes)
2.23.112022-09-20stableAnyDownload (10368185 bytes)
2.23.132022-10-16stableAnyDownload (10367081 bytes)
2.24.02022-11-30stableAnyDownload (9840969 bytes)
2.24.52023-01-30stableAnyDownload (11856687 bytes)
2.24.62023-02-23stableAnyDownload (9244912 bytes)
Required libraries

The list below is just for information; Zero Install will automatically download any required libraries for you.