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0publish - utility to make creating injector interfaces easier

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This is a Zero Install feed. This software cannot be run as an application directly. It is a library for other programs to use.

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0publish makes creating and modifying injector interface files easier. It can create a new commented template for you or edit an existing one. Various editing operations are available, the most basic being to let you edit it in your preferred text editor. It automatically removes the signature when loading an interface and creates a new one when writing it back out. It will also validate the new version before saving it. A tutorial on 0publish can be found at


Available versions

The list below is just for information; Zero Install will automatically select one of these versions for you.

0.12006-02-25stableAnyDownload (15397 bytes)
0.22006-03-05stableAnyDownload (15461 bytes)
0.32006-05-06AnyDownload (14679 bytes)
0.42006-05-13stableAnyDownload (16620 bytes)
0.52006-05-18stableAnyDownload (16895 bytes)
0.62006-06-24stableAnyDownload (17123 bytes)
0.72006-09-27stableAnyDownload (17720 bytes)
0.82006-10-26stableAnyDownload (17789 bytes)
0.92006-10-28stableAnyDownload (17793 bytes)
0.102007-01-14stableAnyDownload (17755 bytes)
0.112007-06-02stableAnyDownload (17854 bytes)
0.122007-11-10stableAnyDownload (17974 bytes)
0.132007-11-17stableAnyDownload (22322 bytes)
0.142007-11-18stableAnyDownload (22762 bytes)
0.152008-05-25stableAnyDownload (22850 bytes)
0.162009-05-31stableAnyDownload (23491 bytes)
0.172010-01-30stableAnyDownload (23981 bytes)
0.182010-12-10stableAnyDownload (24244 bytes)
0.192011-02-02stableAnyDownload (24866 bytes)
0.202011-05-01stableAnyDownload (24899 bytes)
0.212012-06-09stableAnyDownload (25378 bytes)
0.222012-10-07stableAnyDownload (25581 bytes)
0.232013-02-25stableAnyDownload (25646 bytes)
0.242013-03-08stableAnyDownload (26530 bytes)
0.252015-07-01stableAnyDownload (26799 bytes)
0.262020-01-14stableAnyDownload (25994 bytes)
Required libraries

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