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MuPDF - lightweight PDF, XPS, and E-book viewer

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MuPDF is small, fast, yet complete. It supports many document formats, such as PDF, XPS, OpenXPS, CBZ, EPUB, and FictionBook 2. You can annotate PDF documents and fill out forms with the mobile viewers (this feature is coming soon to the desktop viewer as well). The command line tools allow you to annotate, edit, and convert documents to other formats such as HTML, SVG, PDF, and CBZ. You can also write scripts to manipulate documents using Javascript.




Available versions

The list below is just for information; Zero Install will automatically select one of these versions for you.

0.92011-09-05Linux-i386Download (8388331 bytes)
0.92011-09-05Linux-x86_64Download (8626777 bytes)
0.92011-09-05Windows-*Download (7737960 bytes)
0.8.1652011-04-29Windows-*Download (7506946 bytes)
0.8.1652011-04-29Linux-i386Download (8136605 bytes)
0.8.1652011-04-29Linux-x86_64Download (8372778 bytes)
0.8.152011-03-15Windows-*Download (7920079 bytes)
0.8.152011-03-15Linux-i386Download (8373245 bytes)
0.8.152011-03-15Linux-x86_64Download (8572197 bytes)
0.82011-03-03Windows-*Download (8075022 bytes)
0.82011-03-03Linux-i386Download (8389803 bytes)
0.82011-03-03Linux-x86_64Download (8583098 bytes)
0.72010-08-24Windows-*Download (7939269 bytes)
0.72010-08-24Linux-i386Download (8213755 bytes)
0.72010-08-24Linux-x86_64Download (8332917 bytes)
0.72010-08-24Darwin-i386Download (8183537 bytes)
0.62010-06-02Windows-*Download (7678536 bytes)
0.52010-02-19MacOSX-*Download (7820937 bytes)
0.52010-02-19Linux-i386Download (7550090 bytes)
0.52010-02-19Linux-x86_64Download (7648694 bytes)
1.02012-04-24stableWindows-*Download (3344964 bytes)
1.12012-08-16stableWindows-*Download (7181575 bytes)
1.22013-02-27stableWindows-*Download (17232515 bytes)
1.32013-08-15stableWindows-*Download (14045259 bytes)
1.42014-04-14stableWindows-*Download (9118246 bytes)
1.52014-06-12stableWindows-*Download (10084637 bytes)
1.62014-09-30stableWindows-*Download (10485336 bytes)
1.72015-04-16stableWindows-i486Download (15352220 bytes)
1.72015-04-16stableWindows-x86_64Download (16208898 bytes)
1.7-12015-05-07stableWindows-i486Download (15365187 bytes)
1.7-12015-05-07stableWindows-x86_64Download (16219078 bytes)
1.82015-11-11stableWindows-i486Download (15331924 bytes)
1.82015-11-11stableWindows-x86_64Download (16318607 bytes)
1.92016-04-18stableWindows-*Download (27349422 bytes)
1.102016-11-21stableWindows-*Download (78695100 bytes)
1.112017-04-11stableWindows-*Download (78102706 bytes)
1.12.02017-12-13stableWindows-*Download (79839710 bytes)
1.13.02018-04-20stableWindows-*Download (79880562 bytes)
1.14.02018-10-04stableWindows-*Download (80930449 bytes)
1.15.02019-05-06stableWindows-*Download (80965804 bytes)
1.16.02019-07-30stableWindows-*Download (81593219 bytes)
1.17.02020-05-05stableWindows-*Download (82291794 bytes)
1.18.02020-10-07stableWindows-*Download (82680926 bytes)
1.19.02021-10-05stableWindows-*Download (84323639 bytes)
1.19.12022-04-12stableWindows-*Download (84328471 bytes)
1.20.02022-06-14stableWindows-*Download (84470408 bytes)
1.21.02022-11-07stableWindows-*Download (85956823 bytes)

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