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XdgUtils - cross-desktop integration tools

Published by Thomas Leonard


This is a Zero Install feed. This software cannot be run as an application directly. It is a library for other programs to use.

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Xdg-utils is a set of command line tools that assist applications with a variety of desktop integration tasks. About half of the tools focus on tasks commonly required during the installation of a desktop application and the other half focuses on integration with the desktop environment while the application is running. Even if the desktop components of your application are limited to an installer, configuration or management tool, Xdg-utils provides you with an easy way to enhance the usage experience of your customers by improving the integration of these components in the user's environment. Best of all, Xdg- utils is provided as open source and free of charge.


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1.0.12007-03-22stableAnyDownload (47983 bytes)
1.0.22007-06-25stableAnyDownload (47751 bytes)
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