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GetText - GetText: library and tools for native language support

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This is a Zero Install feed. This software cannot be run as an application directly. It is a library for other programs to use.

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A well integrated set of tools and documentation to help programmers, translators, and users make other GNU packages produce multi-lingual messages. The tools include a set of conventions about how programs should be written to support message catalogs, a directory and file naming organzation for those message catalogs, a runtime library that supports retrieval of translated messages, and a few stand-alone programs to manipulate sets of strings. A special GNU Emacs mode also helps work with these strings. Libintl is a library that provides native language support to programs. It is part of Gettext. •LibIntl-1 is in Gettext-0.10-.. •LibIntl-2 is in Libintl-0.11-.. •LibIntl-3 is in LibIntl-0.14-.. and in Gettext-0.14-..




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