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Feed Impls Last updated Summary
.NET Framework (legacy feed) 0 2017-10-07 the .NET Framework from Microsoft
.NET Framework Client Profile (legacy feed) 0 2017-10-07 a limited version of the .NET Framework from Microsoft
Apache Ant 24 2017-07-23 pure Java build tool
Apache Maven 16 2017-11-05 build manager for Java projects
aspcud 4 2014-08-27 a solver for CUDF instances based on ASP tools
bash 3 2015-09-09 the GNU Bourne Again shell
CMake 44 2017-01-28 cross platform make
Common Language Runtime (legacy feed) 0 2017-10-07 an implementation of the Common Language Runtime (.NET Framework on Windows, Mono on POSIX) using .NET profiles as version numbers
Common Language Runtime with MONO_PATH support (legacy feed) 0 2017-10-07 an implementation of the Common Language Runtime (.NET Framework on Windows, Mono on POSIX) using .NET profiles as version numbers
cURL 3 2017-01-29 command line tool for transferring data
dbus-python 5 2017-01-14 dbus-python
Docker Client 68 2017-11-05 Docker command-line client
Docker Compose 90 2017-11-29 define and run multi-container applications with Docker
Docker Machine 71 2017-11-05 machine management for a container-centric world
FFmpeg 9 2017-07-06 record, convert and stream audio and video
gcc-c 3 2017-01-14 gcc C compiler
gcc-c++ 3 2017-01-14 gcc C++ compiler
Git for Windows 40 2017-11-16 decentralized version control system
git-core 10 2017-01-28 fast, scalable, distributed revision control system
GnuPG 14 2017-07-29 GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement
gnuplot 17 2017-01-28 famous scientific plotting package
Gradle 160 2017-11-05 modern open source build tool for continuous delivery
graphviz 6 2017-09-09 Open Source Graph Visualization Software
GTK+ Runtime 13 2017-10-01 runtime components of GTK+
IronPython (legacy feed) 0 2017-10-07 implementation of Python running under .NET/Mono
JAR Launcher 1 2017-01-15 launcher that starts the main class while preserving the CLASSPATH
KeePass Classic Edition 33 2017-01-28 free open source password manager
KeePass Professional Edition 31 2017-12-17 free open source password manager
make 8 2017-01-21 The GNU version of the "make" utility.
make dependencies 1 2017-01-21 libraries for make
Mono (legacy feed) 0 2017-10-07 open-source cross-platform implementation of the Common Language Infrastructure (.NET Framework compatible)
NAnt (legacy feed) 0 2017-10-07 free .NET build tool
Node.js 588 2017-11-05 open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment
NW.js 215 2017-09-30 write desktop applications with all Web technologies
NW.js SDK 215 2017-09-30 NW.js with DevTools for debugging
OCaml runtime 5 2013-07-21 ML language implementation with a class-based object system
openjdk-jdk 17 2017-12-23 OpenJDK Development Kit (JDK)
openjdk-jre 16 2017-12-23 OpenJDK Java runtime
python 21 2017-01-22 interactive high-level object-oriented language
Python for Windows Extensions 6 2017-01-21 Python Bindings for the Win32 API
python-cairo 5 2017-01-14 Python bindings for the cairo graphics library
python-gobject 11 2017-01-21 Python bindings for the GObject library
python-gtk 3 2017-01-21 Python Bindings for GTK+
Ruby 7 2017-01-28 dynamic, open source programming language
Scala 45 2017-11-05 functional and object-oriented programming language
XZ Utils 20 2017-01-29 xz data compression tool for .xz and .lzma files
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