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Scala - functional and object-oriented programming language

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Scala is a functional and object-oriented programming language based on the Java Virtual Machine.




Available versions

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2.8.22011-09-27stableAnyDownload (20430705 bytes)
2.9.02011-05-12stableAnyDownload (25358518 bytes)
2.9.12011-08-31stableAnyDownload (24993458 bytes)
2.9.1-12012-03-04stableAnyDownload (43489403 bytes)
2.9.22012-04-14stableAnyDownload (24408278 bytes)
2.10.02013-01-04stableAnyDownload (29856741 bytes)
2.10.32013-01-04stableAnyDownload (30531249 bytes)
2.10.4stableAnyDownload (29937534 bytes)
2.10.52015-02-27stableAnyDownload (29924685 bytes)
2.10.62015-09-18stableAnyDownload (29928531 bytes)
2.11.0stableAnyDownload (26007395 bytes)
2.11.1stableAnyDownload (25685521 bytes)
2.11.2stableAnyDownload (26488789 bytes)
2.11.42014-10-31stableAnyDownload (26509669 bytes)
2.11.52015-01-07stableAnyDownload (27135482 bytes)
2.11.62015-02-26stableAnyDownload (27130723 bytes)
2.11.72015-06-22stableAnyDownload (28460530 bytes)
2.11.82016-03-04stableAnyDownload (28678231 bytes)
2.12.02016-11-08stableAnyDownload (20177534 bytes)
2.12.12016-12-05stableAnyDownload (19700349 bytes)
Required libraries

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