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Resolution - Change screen resolution dynamically

Published by Thomas Leonard


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This program allows you to change the screen resolution at any time. The change is not permanent. This is useful when connecting a laptop to an external monitor or a projector, for example, which may require a different screen resolution. Resolution is simply a graphical front-end to the xrandr (X Rotate And Resize) command-line utility, which you will also need. Modern X servers (such as XFree86 and come with this program. If you don't have it, try upgrading your X server. Note that there is another, older, mechanism for changing resolution, often activated by pressing <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<Keypad Plus>. This still changes the resolution, but your desktop remains the same logical size (i.e. you 'zoom in' to the screen and must pan around to see your panel, etc).



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0.2stableAnyDownload (14362 bytes)
0.32009-04-07stableAnyDownload (15921 bytes)
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