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serscis-access-modeller - modelling access propagation in capability systems

Published by Thomas Leonard


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Full name


Given a system of communicating objects and bounds on the behaviours of some of them, this modeller can be used to prove certain security properties of the system. It is similar to the Scollar system, but is better at handling dynamic systems (e.g. modelling factories).


Available versions

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0.12011-04-18stableSource codeDownload (66001 bytes)
0.12011-04-18stableAnyDownload (561199 bytes)
0.22011-04-28stableAnyDownload (582823 bytes)
0.32011-05-17stableAnyDownload (580635 bytes)
0.42011-06-23stableAnyDownload (598570 bytes)
0.52011-08-12stableAnyDownload (610464 bytes)
0.62011-08-18stableAnyDownload (590624 bytes)
0.72011-11-01stableAnyDownload (625783 bytes)
0.82011-11-07stableAnyDownload (650018 bytes)
0.8.12011-11-07stableAnyDownload (649156 bytes)
0.92011-11-15stableAnyDownload (874603 bytes)
0.102011-11-17stableAnyDownload (916457 bytes)
0.112011-11-21stableAnyDownload (999226 bytes)
0.122011-11-25stableAnyDownload (1060297 bytes)
0.132011-12-12stableAnyDownload (1123944 bytes)
0.142012-01-17stableAnyDownload (1137445 bytes)
0.152012-02-06stableAnyDownload (1158102 bytes)
0.15.12012-02-14stableAnyDownload (1154209 bytes)
0.162012-10-10stableAnyDownload (1177456 bytes)
0.22011-04-28stableSource codeDownload (68267 bytes)
0.32011-05-17stableSource codeDownload (69546 bytes)
0.42011-06-23stableSource codeDownload (70363 bytes)
0.52011-08-12stableSource codeDownload (82572 bytes)
0.62011-08-18stableSource codeDownload (53179 bytes)
0.72011-11-01stableSource codeDownload (54065 bytes)
0.82011-11-07stableSource codeDownload (58941 bytes)
0.8.12011-11-07stableSource codeDownload (58943 bytes)
0.92011-11-15stableSource codeDownload (133345 bytes)
0.102011-11-17stableSource codeDownload (139320 bytes)
0.112011-11-21stableSource codeDownload (177464 bytes)
0.122011-11-25stableSource codeDownload (182503 bytes)
0.132011-12-12stableSource codeDownload (191082 bytes)
0.142012-01-17stableSource codeDownload (192797 bytes)
0.152012-02-06stableSource codeDownload (197456 bytes)
0.15.12012-02-14stableSource codeDownload (196962 bytes)
0.162012-10-10stableSource codeDownload (197204 bytes)
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