Zero Install Mirror

Zero Install is a decentralised software distribution system. A software author publishes a feed on their web-site giving details about their software. Users can use these feeds to download the software and to receive notification of new versions. This site collects and archives feeds from around the world as a backup in case the original site becomes unavailable.

0install will automatically download from here if the upstream site is slow or fails.

To get your own programs added, please announce them and your GPG key on the mailing list.


GolangCI-Lint feed updated
GolangCI-Lint - linters runner for Go
gojq feed updated
gojq - pure Go implementation of jq
GitHub CLI feed updated
GitHub CLI - GitHub's official command line tool
kubectl feed updated
kubectl - controls the Kubernetes cluster manager
Buf feed updated
Buf - a new way of working with Protocol Buffers
cURL feed updated
cURL - command line tool for transferring data
Google API Linter feed updated
Google API Linter - API linter for Protocol Buffers (protobuf)
DocFX feed updated
DocFX - documentation generation tool for API reference and Markdown files
Kubernetes Operations (kops) feed updated
Kubernetes Operations (kops) - production grade Kubernetes installation, upgrades, and management
istioctl feed updated
istioctl - command line utility to debug and diagnose Istio
protoc feed updated
protoc - compiler/generator for Protocol Buffers (protobuf)
gnuplot feed updated
gnuplot - famous scientific plotting package
Kotlin feed updated
Kotlin - statically typed programming language for modern multiplatform applications
Azure CLI feed updated
Azure CLI - set of commands used to create and manage Azure resources
Zero Install for Windows feed updated
Zero Install for Windows - Windows version of 0install, the decentralized installation system
Zero Install - .NET Core version feed updated
Zero Install - .NET Core version - .NET Core version of 0install, the decentralized installation system
5459Tim Cuthbertson
1716Thomas Leonard
1342Bastian Eicher
679Anders F Bjorklund
638Florian Höch
369Mateusz Czaplinski
335Stephen Watson
326Bart van Strien
257Aleksey Lim
221Jonas Bardino
166Screaming Duck Software
163Sugar base project
139David Abrahams
109Rene Lopez
98Bart van Strien
62Daniel Tschan
52Ruediger Langendorf
48alberto colombo
47Andreas K. Förster
46Manuel Moos
46Alexander Danilov
31Frank Richter
29Automated 0downstream release key
29Sugar sdk project
27OSR Group
27Dennis Tomas
26Torrent Circuit
25Leo Wzukw
20Eitan Burcat
17Justus Winter
17Lennon Cook
16Simon E. Silva Lauinger
14Leonardo Cecchi
12Tim Diels
12Christopher Tunnell
12Fanda Vacek
11Eric Wasylishen
11Christian Henz
11Eric Duhamel
11Benjamin C. Wiley Sittler
9Ilja Honkonen
9Neil Graham
6Juanjo Benages
6Sugar dextrose project
5Thomas Formella
5Tom Adams
4Frederik Orellana
4Aurelien BOMPARD
3Henri Wahl
3Michel Alexandre Salim
3Mathieu Cadet
2Ken Hayber
2Samuel Dionne-Riel
2Sugar server project
1Tom Cato Amundsen
1Christopher Balogh
1Franconieri Ludovic
1Sugar chat project
1Tuomo Valkonen
1Robert Manea
1Manuel Niekamp
1Jens Jahnke
1Erik Gregg
1Wayne Scott
1Michaël Dupont
1Thiadmer Riemersma
Total feeds: 2322