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Sugar sdk project

Retired feeds:
Feed Impls Last updated Summary
csound (retired) 3 2011-11-26 Csound - sound synthesis language and library
elements (retired) 3 2011-11-26 2D Physics API for Python
Etoys (retired) 4 2011-11-26 An educational tool for teaching children powerful ideas in compelling ways
evince-python (retired) 2 2011-11-26 Python bindings for the evince library
hulahop (retired) 3 2011-11-26 A pygtk widget for embedding mozilla
libgee (retired) 3 2011-11-26 GObject collection library
libmatchbox (retired) 3 2011-11-26 Libraries for the Matchbox Desktop
libnice (retired) 3 2011-11-26 An implementation of the Interactice Connectivity Establishment standard (ICE)
libxklavier (retired) 3 2011-11-26 High level XKB library
matchbox-window-manager (retired) 1 2011-11-26 Window manager for the Matchbox Desktop
Polyol (retired) 4 2012-03-13 Intermediate level GObject based libraries for Sugar
pyabiword (retired) 2 2011-12-29 pyabiword
pybox2d (retired) 3 2011-11-26 Python Box2D Bindings
python-cjson (retired) 3 2011-11-26 A set of Python bindings for libxklavier
python-xklavier (retired) 1 2011-11-26 A set of Python bindings for libxklavier
pyxpcom (retired) 1 2012-03-12 Python interface for mozilla XPCOM library
squeak (retired) 3 2011-11-26 The Squeak virtual machine
sugar (retired) 6 2012-03-11 Core UI components
sugar-artwork (retired) 9 2011-11-26 Themes and icons
sugar-base (retired) 8 2011-12-03 Helpers for the development of services and activities
sugar-datastore (retired) 8 2011-11-26 Backend of the Sugar Journal
sugar-presence-service (retired) 4 2011-12-03 Interfaces between Sugar and Telepathy Connection Managers
sugar-toolkit (retired) 8 2011-11-26 A set of widgets to build HIG compliant activities
sugar-unit (retired) 1 2011-11-26 Utility to help with unit testing Python based code
telepathy-gabble (retired) 4 2012-03-05 A Jabber/XMPP connection manager for Telepathy
telepathy-glib (retired) 3 2012-03-05 GLib bindings for the Telepathy D-Bus protocol
telepathy-mission-control (retired) 3 2012-03-05 A Jabber/XMPP connection manager for Telepathy
telepathy-python (retired) 2 2011-11-25 Telepathy Python base classes for use in connection managers
telepathy-salut (retired) 2 2011-11-26 A link-local XMPP connection manager for Telepathy
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