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desk - A lightweight workspace manager for the shell

Published by Bart van Strien


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$ 0launch

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Full name


Desk makes it easy to flip back and forth between different project contexts in your favorite shell. Change directory, activate a virtualenv or rvm, load in domain-specific aliases, functions, arbitrary shell files, all in a single command. Instead of relying on CTRL-R to execute and recall ("that command's gotta be here somewhere..."), desk helps shorten and document those actions with shell aliases and functions, which are then namespaced under a particular desk.


Available versions

The list below is just for information; Zero Install will automatically select one of these versions for you.

0.2.12015-11-03stableAnyDownload (378398 bytes)
0.3.12015-11-18stableAnyDownload (380038 bytes)
0.4.02015-12-14stableAnyDownload (381731 bytes)
0.4.12016-02-06stableAnyDownload (382339 bytes)
0.5.02016-04-03stableAnyDownload (383349 bytes)
0.5.12016-05-15stableAnyDownload (383349 bytes)
Required libraries

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