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Frogatto - A jump-and-run video game with a frog.

This feed is no longer available upstream. It is recorded here for historical interest only.

Published by Bastian Eicher


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Frogatto is an open-source “platformer” or “jump-and-run” videogame. Like in many classic games, the world is viewed as a cross-section seen from the side, and your character (in this case, a small green fellow named Frogatto) walks and jumps between solid platforms, whilst avoiding monsters.


Frogatto ist ein Open-Source “Plattformer” oder “Jump And Run” Videospiel. Wie in vielen klassischen Spielen wird die Welt von der Seite aus gesehen und Ihr Spielcharakter (in diesem Fall ein kleiner, grüner Frosch namens Frogatto) läuft und springt zwischen Plattformen herum, während er Monster abwehrt.




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1.1.12011-07-04stableWindows-*Download (153629305 bytes)
1.1.12011-07-04stableWindows-*Download (153629305 bytes)
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