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PyYAML - YAML parser and emitter for Python

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This is a Zero Install feed. This software cannot be run as an application directly. It is a library for other programs to use.

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The next generation YAML parser and emitter for Python.


Available versions

The list below is just for information; Zero Install will automatically select one of these versions for you.

3.12006-05-07stableAnyDownload (75071 bytes)
3.22006-05-15stableAnyDownload (76368 bytes)
3.32006-06-19stableAnyDownload (76930 bytes)
3.42006-08-20stableAnyDownload (89068 bytes)
3.52007-05-13stableAnyDownload (90165 bytes)
3.62008-10-03stableAnyDownload (97396 bytes)
3.72008-12-29stableAnyDownload (98709 bytes)
3.82008-12-31stableAnyDownload (156286 bytes)
3.92009-08-31stableAnyDownload (156989 bytes)
3.102011-05-30stableAnyDownload (157437 bytes)
3.112014-03-26stableAnyDownload (157360 bytes)
3.122016-08-28stableAnyDownload (157420 bytes)
4.12018-06-26stableAnyDownload (158341 bytes)
3.132018-07-05stableAnyDownload (157868 bytes)
5.12019-03-13stableAnyDownload (164288 bytes)
5.1.12019-06-05stableAnyDownload (164166 bytes)
5.1.22019-07-30stableAnyDownload (164097 bytes)
Required libraries

This feed does not list any additional requirements.