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Boost.Utility (development files) - A C++ library from

Published by David Abrahams


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utility: Class noncopyable plus checked_delete(), checked_array_delete(), next(), prior() function templates, plus base-from-member idiom. utility/call_traits: Defines types for passing parameters. utility/compressed_pair: Empty member optimization. utility/enable_if: Selective inclusion of function template overloads. utility/identity_type: Wrap types within round parenthesis so they can always be passed as macro parameters. utility/in_place_factories: Generic in-place construction of contained objects with a variadic argument-list. utility/operators: Templates ease arithmetic classes and iterators. utility/result_of: Determines the type of a function call expression. utility/swap: Enhanced generic swap function. utility/value_initialized: Wrapper for uniform-syntax value initialization, based on the original idea of David Abrahams.

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