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Armagetron Sty+CT - Tron clone in 3D Sty+CT builds

This feed is no longer available upstream. It is recorded here for historical interest only.

Published by Manuel Moos


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Full name


Dumping cores since 2000. Armagetron Advanced is a lightcylce game with multiplayer focus. You ride a lightcycle, which leaves a trail of pure energy behind it. Crashing into your own trail or that of another player is quite fatal. Battle with others for simple kills, for survival, or for territorial dominance in the Sumo and Fortress modes.



Available versions

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0.2.9-pre0.7522011-09-19developerLinux-x86_64Download (1826618 bytes)
0.2.9-pre0.201109192011-09-19developerLinux-x86_64Download (1825997 bytes)
0.2.9-pre0.201109262011-09-26developerLinux-x86_64Download (1825745 bytes)
0.2.9-pre0.201110032011-10-03developerLinux-x86_64Download (1819274 bytes)
0.2.9-pre0.201110112011-10-11developerLinux-x86_64Download (1818330 bytes)
0.2.9-pre0.201110172011-10-17developerLinux-x86_64Download (1818469 bytes)
0.2.9-pre0.201111072011-11-07developerLinux-x86_64Download (1822446 bytes)
0.2.9-pre0.201111132011-11-13developerLinux-x86_64Download (1821932 bytes)
0.2.9-pre0.201111202011-11-21developerLinux-x86_64Download (1822119 bytes)
0.2.9-pre0.201112052011-12-05developerLinux-x86_64Download (1861885 bytes)
0.2.9-pre0.201112152011-12-15developerLinux-x86_64Download (1861986 bytes)
0.2.9-pre0.201202062012-02-06developerLinux-x86_64Download (1862350 bytes)
0.2.9-pre0.201202202012-02-20developerLinux-x86_64Download (1862711 bytes)
0.2.9-pre0.201203122012-03-12developerLinux-x86_64Download (1864698 bytes)
0.2.9-pre0.201205062012-05-06developerLinux-x86_64Download (1864798 bytes)
0.2.9-pre0.7702013-01-11developerLinux-x86_64Download (1887239 bytes)
0.2.9-pre0.7742013-01-26developerLinux-x86_64Download (1892883 bytes)
Required libraries

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