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Zero Install - .NET Core version - .NET Core version of 0install, the decentralized installation system

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This is a Zero Install feed. This software cannot be run as an application directly. It is a library for other programs to use.

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This is the .NET Core version of Zero Install. Zero Install is a cross-platform, decentralized installation system. Instead of having a central repository in which all software is placed under a naming scheme managed by some central authority, programs and libraries in Zero Install are identified by URIs. Anyone who can create a web-page can publish software. Anyone can install software (not just administrators).




Available versions

The list below is just for information; Zero Install will automatically select one of these versions for you.

2.16.02018-12-07stableAnyDownload (5837533 bytes)
2.16.12018-12-13stableAnyDownload (5841654 bytes)
2.16.22019-02-04stableAnyDownload (5842696 bytes)
2.16.32019-02-10stableAnyDownload (5455785 bytes)
2.16.42019-04-02stableAnyDownload (5511444 bytes)
2.16.52019-05-20stableAnyDownload (5509394 bytes)
2.16.62019-05-24stableAnyDownload (5509408 bytes)
2.16.72019-07-25stableAnyDownload (5591098 bytes)
2.16.82019-10-14stableAnyDownload (5549031 bytes)
2.17.02020-01-29buggyAnyDownload (4317572 bytes)
2.17.22020-02-03stableAnyDownload (4317202 bytes)
2.17.32020-05-24stableAnyDownload (4315734 bytes)
2.18.02020-07-22stableAnyDownload (8824806 bytes)
2.18.12020-08-15stableAnyDownload (8931191 bytes)
2.18.22020-10-01stableAnyDownload (8960304 bytes)
2.18.32020-12-28stableAnyDownload (8909452 bytes)
2.18.42020-12-28stableAnyDownload (8909491 bytes)
2.18.52020-12-28stableAnyDownload (8909486 bytes)
2.18.62020-12-29stableAnyDownload (8909489 bytes)
2.18.72021-02-07stableAnyDownload (8909466 bytes)
2.19.02021-03-27stableAnyDownload (9135120 bytes)
2.19.12021-03-27stableAnyDownload (9135307 bytes)
2.19.22021-05-07stableAnyDownload (9143307 bytes)
2.20.02021-09-29stableAnyDownload (9195779 bytes)
2.21.02021-11-17stableAnyDownload (9223124 bytes)
2.22.02022-01-23stableAnyDownload (9258028 bytes)
2.23.02022-03-07stableAnyDownload (9552447 bytes)
2.23.12022-04-05stableAnyDownload (9563962 bytes)
2.23.22022-04-05stableAnyDownload (9563854 bytes)
2.23.32022-05-18stableAnyDownload (9564289 bytes)
2.23.42022-06-12stableAnyDownload (9586107 bytes)
2.23.52022-06-19stableAnyDownload (14558528 bytes)
2.23.62022-06-21stableAnyDownload (14995529 bytes)
2.23.72022-06-27stableAnyDownload (14996266 bytes)
2.23.82022-07-20stableAnyDownload (14996905 bytes)
2.23.92022-07-21stableAnyDownload (14996989 bytes)
2.23.102022-07-31stableAnyDownload (15035485 bytes)
2.23.112022-09-20stableAnyDownload (15064438 bytes)
Required libraries

This feed does not list any additional requirements.