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0repo - manage a repository of 0install feeds

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This is a Zero Install feed. This software cannot be run as an application directly. It is a library for other programs to use.

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0repo allows a group of developers to publish a set of feeds. It can be used by a single developer, generating a set of static files to publish on a web-server, or as a service which accepts signed updates from a group of developers.


Available versions

The list below is just for information; Zero Install will automatically select one of these versions for you.

0.12013-05-02AnyDownload (42276 bytes)
0.22013-05-05stableAnyDownload (52074 bytes)
0.32014-01-20stableAnyDownload (54945 bytes)
0.42015-07-11stableAnyDownload (55279 bytes)
0.52017-08-14AnyDownload (58335 bytes)
0.5.12017-08-22stableAnyDownload (58353 bytes)
0.5.22017-11-15stableAnyDownload (58499 bytes)
0.62018-03-25stableAnyDownload (58909 bytes)
0.72019-03-02stableAnyDownload (59067 bytes)
0.82019-05-14stableAnyDownload (59122 bytes)
0.92019-09-04stableAnyDownload (59315 bytes)
0.9.12019-11-09stableAnyDownload (59337 bytes)
0.102020-01-05stableAnyDownload (59665 bytes)
0.112020-01-15stableAnyDownload (60513 bytes)
0.122021-01-08stableAnyDownload (60556 bytes)
0.132022-03-06stableAnyDownload (60241 bytes)
Required libraries

The list below is just for information; Zero Install will automatically download any required libraries for you.