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Azure CLI - set of commands used to create and manage Azure resources

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The Azure command-line interface (Azure CLI) is a set of commands used to create and manage Azure resources. The Azure CLI is available across Azure services and is designed to get you working quickly with Azure, with an emphasis on automation.



Available versions

The list below is just for information; Zero Install will automatically select one of these versions for you.

2.0.642019-05-06Windows-*Download (48148480 bytes)
2.0.662019-06-05Windows-*Download (48431104 bytes)
2.0.672019-06-18Windows-*Download (49078272 bytes)
2.0.682019-07-02Windows-*Download (49467392 bytes)
2.0.692019-07-17Windows-*Download (49664000 bytes)
2.0.702019-07-30Windows-*Download (49799168 bytes)
2.0.712019-08-13Windows-*Download (49438720 bytes)
2.0.722019-08-27Windows-*Download (49983488 bytes)
2.0.732019-09-11Windows-*Download (50089984 bytes)
2.0.742019-09-24Windows-*Download (50286592 bytes)
2.0.752019-10-15Windows-*Download (50327552 bytes)
2.0.762019-11-04Windows-*Download (51208192 bytes)
2.0.772019-11-26Windows-*Download (51576832 bytes)
2.0.782019-12-18Windows-*Download (51646464 bytes)
2.0.792020-01-07Windows-*Download (51843072 bytes)
2.0.802020-01-13Windows-*Download (51838976 bytes)
2.0.812020-02-04Windows-*Download (52293632 bytes)
2.1.02020-02-18Windows-*Download (52445184 bytes)
2.2.02020-03-10Windows-*Download (52686848 bytes)
2.3.02020-03-31Windows-*Download (53469184 bytes)
2.3.12020-04-01Windows-*Download (53469184 bytes)
2.4.02020-04-21Windows-*Download (54054912 bytes)
2.5.02020-04-28Windows-*Download (54165504 bytes)
2.5.12020-04-30Windows-*Download (55681024 bytes)
2.6.02020-05-19Windows-*Download (55930880 bytes)
2.7.02020-06-02Windows-*Download (56287232 bytes)
2.8.02020-06-23Windows-*Download (56430592 bytes)
2.9.02020-07-14Windows-*Download (56971264 bytes)
2.9.12020-07-16Windows-*Download (56967168 bytes)
2.10.02020-08-04Windows-*Download (45162496 bytes)
2.10.12020-08-06Windows-*Download (45166592 bytes)
2.11.02020-08-26Windows-*Download (46301184 bytes)
2.11.12020-08-28Windows-*Download (46292992 bytes)
2.12.02020-09-22Windows-*Download (44171264 bytes)
Required libraries

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