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pkg-config - manage compile and link flags for libraries

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pkg-config is a system for managing library compile and link flags that works with automake and autoconf. Increasingly libraries ship with ".pc" files that allow querying of the compiler and linker flags needed to use them through the pkg-config(1) program.


Available versions

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0.22-12010-04-24Linux-i386Download (52359 bytes)
0.25-1.12011-05-29Linux-i386Download (57194 bytes)
0.25-1.12011-05-29Linux-x86_64Download (59401 bytes)
0.22-12010-04-24Linux-x86_64Download (55581 bytes)

Non-Zero Install packages provided distributions can also provide this interface:

DistributionPackage name
Debian RPMpkg-config
Required libraries

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