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KeePass Classic Edition - free open source password manager

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KeePass is a free open source password manager, which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way. You can put all your passwords in one database, which is locked with one master key or a key file. So you only have to remember one single master password or select the key file to unlock the whole database. The databases are encrypted using the best and most secure encryption algorithms currently known (AES and Twofish). Classic runs on all Windows systems without any prerequisites.




Available versions

The list below is just for information; Zero Install will automatically select one of these versions for you.

1.002005-06-04stableWindows-*Download (449158 bytes)
1.012005-08-16stableWindows-*Download (445195 bytes)
1.022005-09-05stableWindows-*Download (560802 bytes)
1.032005-09-10stableWindows-*Download (563262 bytes)
1.042006-01-02stableWindows-*Download (620188 bytes)
1.052006-05-19stableWindows-*Download (696836 bytes)
1.062006-10-14stableWindows-*Download (713119 bytes)
1.072007-04-16stableWindows-*Download (885730 bytes)
1.082007-09-01stableWindows-*Download (901848 bytes)
1.092007-10-12stableWindows-*Download (941190 bytes)
1.102008-01-12stableWindows-*Download (993890 bytes)
1.112008-04-12stableWindows-*Download (1021638 bytes)
1.122008-08-14stableWindows-*Download (1045940 bytes)
1.132008-09-05stableWindows-*Download (1049488 bytes)
1.142008-10-15stableWindows-*Download (1052089 bytes)
1.152009-02-11stableWindows-*Download (1146176 bytes)
1.162009-06-06stableWindows-*Download (1168426 bytes)
1.172009-12-05stableWindows-*Download (1148170 bytes)
1.182010-09-02stableWindows-*Download (1159969 bytes)
1.192011-04-03stableWindows-*Download (1172248 bytes)
1.202011-06-28stableWindows-*Download (1159185 bytes)
1.212011-10-12stableWindows-*Download (1338050 bytes)
1.222012-04-20stableWindows-*Download (1373512 bytes)
1.232012-07-01stableWindows-*Download (1378685 bytes)
1.242012-09-01stableWindows-*Download (1454068 bytes)
1.252013-01-20stableWindows-*Download (1459178 bytes)
1.262013-12-17stableWindows-*Download (1481207 bytes)
1.272014-04-06stableWindows-*Download (1522297 bytes)
1.282014-10-01stableWindows-*Download (1572612 bytes)
1.292015-04-03stableWindows-*Download (1578574 bytes)
1.302016-01-02stableWindows-*Download (1545773 bytes)
1.312016-03-02stableWindows-*Download (1548225 bytes)
1.322017-01-02stableWindows-*Download (1546646 bytes)
1.332017-06-02stableWindows-*Download (1551078 bytes)
1.342017-10-05stableWindows-*Download (1551295 bytes)
1.352018-01-02stableWindows-*Download (1557378 bytes)
1.362018-09-03stableWindows-*Download (1592527 bytes)
1.372019-01-02stableWindows-*Download (1596314 bytes)
1.382020-01-13stableWindows-*Download (1599053 bytes)
1.392021-01-02stableWindows-*Download (1580944 bytes)
1.402022-01-02stableWindows-*Download (1592944 bytes)
1.40.12022-05-01stableWindows-*Download (1610869 bytes)
1.412023-01-02stableWindows-*Download (1613780 bytes)
1.422024-02-01stableWindows-*Download (1583408 bytes)
Required libraries

This feed does not list any additional requirements.