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KeePass Professional Edition - free open source password manager

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KeePass is a free open source password manager, which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way. You can put all your passwords in one database, which is locked with one master key or a key file. So you only have to remember one single master password or select the key file to unlock the whole database. The databases are encrypted using the best and most secure encryption algorithms currently known (AES and Twofish). Professional runs on Microsoft .NET 2.0 and Mono 2.6 or newer.




Available versions

The list below is just for information; Zero Install will automatically select one of these versions for you.

2.082009-07-05stableAnyDownload (1651496 bytes)
2.092009-09-12stableAnyDownload (1755230 bytes)
2.102010-03-05stableAnyDownload (1790328 bytes)
2.112010-07-03stableAnyDownload (1803622 bytes)
2.122010-07-09stableAnyDownload (1805088 bytes)
2.132010-09-06stableAnyDownload (1920121 bytes)
2.142011-01-02stableAnyDownload (1932050 bytes)
2.152011-04-10stableAnyDownload (1979910 bytes)
2.162011-07-12stableAnyDownload (1992389 bytes)
2.172011-10-19stableAnyDownload (2023713 bytes)
2.182012-01-05stableAnyDownload (2034150 bytes)
2.192012-05-01stableAnyDownload (2176216 bytes)
2.20.12012-10-04stableAnyDownload (2261466 bytes)
2.202012-09-08stableAnyDownload (2261003 bytes)
2.212013-02-03stableAnyDownload (2281060 bytes)
2.222013-04-05stableAnyDownload (2256199 bytes)
2.232013-07-20stableAnyDownload (2281387 bytes)
2.242013-12-17stableAnyDownload (2289379 bytes)
2.252014-02-03stableAnyDownload (2306568 bytes)
2.262014-04-13stableAnyDownload (2315586 bytes)
2.272014-07-06stableAnyDownload (2325513 bytes)
2.282014-10-08stableAnyDownload (2308176 bytes)
2.292015-04-10stableAnyDownload (2914085 bytes)
2.302015-08-09stableAnyDownload (2918128 bytes)
2.312016-01-09stableAnyDownload (2904448 bytes)
2.322016-03-09stableAnyDownload (2908363 bytes)
2.332016-05-07stableAnyDownload (2916817 bytes)
2.342016-06-11stableAnyDownload (2923638 bytes)
2.352017-01-09stableAnyDownload (2960799 bytes)
2.362017-06-09stableAnyDownload (3101437 bytes)
2.372017-10-12stableAnyDownload (3113589 bytes)
2.382018-01-09stableAnyDownload (3123132 bytes)
2.392018-05-06stableAnyDownload (3138365 bytes)
2.39.12018-05-12stableAnyDownload (3139056 bytes)
2.402018-09-10stableAnyDownload (3176033 bytes)
2.412019-01-09stableAnyDownload (3189331 bytes)
2.422019-05-01stableAnyDownload (3202976 bytes)
2.42.12019-05-04stableAnyDownload (3202909 bytes)
2.432019-09-10stableAnyDownload (3210221 bytes)
2.442020-01-20stableAnyDownload (3214311 bytes)
2.452020-05-07stableAnyDownload (3039842 bytes)
2.462020-09-10stableAnyDownload (3074427 bytes)
2.472021-01-09stableAnyDownload (3105867 bytes)
2.48.12021-05-10stableAnyDownload (3118345 bytes) Download (323 bytes)
2.482021-05-07stableAnyDownload (3117912 bytes) Download (323 bytes)
2.492021-09-10stableAnyDownload (3143035 bytes) Download (323 bytes)
2.502022-01-09stableAnyDownload (3166805 bytes) Download (323 bytes)
2.512022-05-06stableAnyDownload (3203936 bytes) Download (323 bytes)
2.51.12022-05-09stableAnyDownload (3203762 bytes) Download (323 bytes)
2.522022-09-09stableAnyDownload (3210692 bytes) Download (323 bytes)
2.532023-01-09stableAnyDownload (3225609 bytes) Download (323 bytes)
2.53.12023-02-08stableAnyDownload (3225973 bytes) Download (323 bytes)
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