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Media Player Classic Home Cinema - free audio and video player for Windows

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Full name


Media Player Classic mimics the look and feel of the old, lightweight Windows Media Player 6.4 but provides modern features. Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a fork that updates the original player and adds many useful features and additional video decoders.


Media Player Classic ahmt den Stil des alten, leichtgewichtigen Windows Media Player 6.4 nach, bietet aber moderne Features. Media Player Classic Home Cinema ist ein Fork, der den ursprünglicher Player aktualisiert und viele nützliche Features sowie zusätzliche Video-Decoder hinzufügt.




Available versions

The list below is just for information; Zero Install will automatically select one of these versions for you.

1.7.02013-09-29stableWindows-x86_64Download (14722046 bytes)
1.7.02013-09-29stableWindows-i486Download (13468785 bytes)
1.7.12013-11-17stableWindows-x86_64Download (14944461 bytes)
1.7.12013-11-17stableWindows-i486Download (13798952 bytes)
1.7.22014-01-26stableWindows-x86_64Download (15420532 bytes)
1.7.22014-01-26stableWindows-i486Download (14103340 bytes)
1.7.32014-02-02stableWindows-x86_64Download (15498320 bytes)
1.7.32014-02-02stableWindows-i486Download (14177419 bytes)
1.7.42014-04-16stableWindows-x86_64Download (15687516 bytes)
1.7.42014-04-16stableWindows-i486Download (14327372 bytes)
1.7.52014-05-01stableWindows-x86_64Download (15689339 bytes)
1.7.52014-05-01stableWindows-i486Download (14328451 bytes)
1.7.62014-07-05stableWindows-x86_64Download (16013977 bytes)
1.7.62014-07-05stableWindows-i486Download (14612353 bytes)
1.7.72014-10-05stableWindows-x86_64Download (16458907 bytes)
1.7.72014-10-05stableWindows-i486Download (15207623 bytes)
1.7.92015-06-01stableWindows-x86_64Download (18030776 bytes)
1.7.92015-06-01stableWindows-i486Download (16766177 bytes)
1.7.102015-11-14stableWindows-x86_64Download (18478849 bytes)
1.7.102015-11-14stableWindows-i486Download (17182159 bytes)
1.7.112017-03-06stableWindows-x86_64Download (20043267 bytes)
1.7.112017-03-06stableWindows-i486Download (18635220 bytes)
1.7.132017-07-16stableWindows-x86_64Download (20145939 bytes)
1.7.132017-07-16stableWindows-i486Download (18737949 bytes)
Required libraries

This feed does not list any additional requirements.