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XZ Utils - xz data compression tool for .xz and .lzma files

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This is a Zero Install feed. This software cannot be run as an application directly. It is a library for other programs to use.

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XZ Utils is free general-purpose data compression software with high compression ratio. XZ Utils are the successor to LZMA Utils.


Available versions

The list below is just for information; Zero Install will automatically select one of these versions for you.

5.0.02010-10-23stableWindows-x86_64Download (922822 bytes)
5.0.02017-01-23stableWindows-i486Download (922822 bytes)
5.0.12011-01-29stableWindows-x86_64Download (925985 bytes)
5.0.12017-01-23stableWindows-i486Download (925985 bytes)
5.0.22011-04-01stableWindows-x86_64Download (926340 bytes)
5.0.22017-01-23stableWindows-i486Download (926340 bytes)
5.0.32011-05-21stableWindows-x86_64Download (927128 bytes)
5.0.32017-01-23stableWindows-i486Download (927128 bytes)
5.0.42012-06-22stableWindows-x86_64Download (935531 bytes)
5.0.42017-01-23stableWindows-i486Download (935531 bytes)
5.0.52013-06-30stableWindows-x86_64Download (937840 bytes)
5.0.52017-01-23stableWindows-i486Download (937840 bytes)
5.2.02014-12-21stableWindows-x86_64Download (1383950 bytes)
5.2.02017-01-23stableWindows-i486Download (1383950 bytes)
5.2.12015-02-26stableWindows-x86_64Download (1384157 bytes)
5.2.12017-01-23stableWindows-i486Download (1384157 bytes)
5.2.32016-12-30stableWindows-x86_64Download (1397687 bytes)
5.2.32017-01-23stableWindows-i486Download (1397687 bytes)

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